Viva Mexico! Diamond Diaz is the red flag trooper sent to Los Angeles to keep Jaime from falling into the hands of the Ma'Shiva. This job of continually having to track Jaime and work with a partner she is wary of (Lucius) has gotten her into many a fight. Originally from Earth, this picture suggests that Diamond is perhaps the only blue-eyed, black-haired native Mexican in the whole entire universe :-)
(in the comic, her eyes are blue in this picture, but brown everywhere else)

Age: 25
Height: 5'11`
Likes: Jaime, Mexico
Dislikes: Ma'Shiva
First Appearance - Deity #1

"Ma'Shiva, if you want the girl... you're going to have to go through us!"


          Like most of the red flag troopers, diamond diaz was somehow transported to the junction during the Rift Wave event which brought many off-worlders to the Junction. Diamond is originally from Mexico, her brother and sister were killed when she and her siblings tried to get north on a sumuggling plane of a mexican criminal called 'El Uno'. Diamond caught up with El Uno to avenge their deaths, but when she was escaping El Uno's compound afterwards, and explosion caused by the rift wave even sent her to the juntion, taking her right arm.

          Found by Commander Joe Tripoli, Diamond was nursed back to health, and fitted with a bionic arm to replace then one she lost. She also joined Tripoli's red flag troopers to help protect Li'Via from the Ma'Shiva.

          Diamond is the closest to Jaime of all her protectors, having become something of a friend and mentor after the initial problems of getting Jaime to come to grips with the responsibility that she inherited. Since Diamond is the most familiar with the assassins out to try and destroy Jaime, she usually takes point when it comes to deciding what the next move is going to be.


  • She has a cool tattoo that says 'Viva Mexico' on her left shoulder