Jaime, a 16 year old orphan girl, is the main character. As the daughter of the previous deity, she has inherited great mystical powers. Along with these powers have come mortal enemies, powerful allies, and the revelation of her true origin.

Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Likes: Hoverboarding, Clubbing, Kosmic Kat
Dislikes: Training, Dope fiends, Feeding Kosmic Kat
First Appearance - Deity #1
"I've been getting some dope training"

          Unbeknowst to her, Jaime was given up by her mother, Queen Lilandra and entrusted to Chow Lone to be raised in safety on earth. Jaime was then adopted and raised by 'Uncle' Chin Chang and his wife in Los Angeles. Jaime lives alone in her own apartment, attends school at William Jefferson Clinton High School, and holds down a job making deliveries for Uncle Chin's Hyper Chinese Food Express.

          Jaime likes to kick back and club with her friends, Purple, Angel, and Ziggy for fun. After a bit of heavy melodrama and mixed emotions, she and Ziggy had just started to date each other when the Ma'Shiva made their first attempt on her life. During that struggle Jaime's powers first manifested themselves by reflex, complicating her life and her relationship with her friends.

          At first Jaime very much resented the responsibility that her new-found identity and strangers sent to protect her heaped upon her, and she resisted submitting herself to their will. Spending some time with her new friends, and a few encounters with the Ma'Shiva have relaxed her resistance, and she has started to take an interest in developing her potential as the new deity... however, she has started to sense a darker, more mysterious unexplained side to her powers...

  • Jaime rides a phatty-boom-batty hoverboard
  • Jaime still hasn't quite gotten the hang of her new powers
  • She accidentaly' brought her stuffed Kosmic Kat doll to life one day