Lucius Ego is one of Jaime's protectors, perhaps the most powerful. He went to earth to protect Jaime as a result of an oath he made with Queen Xandra. Being half Ondalan, Lucius has the ability to turn himself into a flying, fire-breathing dragon at will. At first Lucius sometimes found himself at odds with Diamond, who did not trust him, and Tommy, who did not like him. Nevertheless, Lucius's fierce sense of honor and pride are what keep him dedicated to fulfilling his promise to Queen Xandra to take care of her daughter.

Age: Unknown (centuries old)
Height: 6'4"
Likes: Ondala, Diamond, flying, booze
Dislikes: Disrespect, being cooped up in Jaime's apartment all day, chasing Jaime down to make her train
"Keep your hands off of her, insect"

          Lucius Ego is the crown prince of Ondala, a planet of shape-shifting people-dragons like himself. His uncle and his cousin on Ondala assassinated his parents and to frame Lucius for their deaths. Lucius then slew his treacherous uncle and cousin, but without proof of their treason to give to the Ondalan High Council, he was exiled to the Ondalan badlands. Lucius eventually escaped the badlands only to find that his suspected guilt was believed by even his close friends.

          Lucius intends to return to Ondala with the proof he needs to exonerate himself, and to reclaim his throne. Until then he protects Jaime, and helps her to learn how to tap into and use her powers


  • Lucius knows much about powers of the deity. He is indebted to Queen Xandra for saving him once
  • Lucius has a very keen sense of smell, and can use it to track others
  • Lucius can breathe fire as a dragon, and fire flames as a person as well.
  • Being half human, Lucius is unaffected by toxins dangerous to pure Ondalans
  • Lucius first visited Earth centuries ago. All the tales from medieval times about dragons are actually stories about him