Purple is Uncle Chin's neice, making her and Jaime foster-cousins of sorts, as well as being one of Jaime's closest friends. She also works in her uncle's restaurant with Jaime and Ziggy. Purple is perhaps the most reserved and responsible of the trio of Jaime's friends.

Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Likes:Jaime, helping out
Dislikes: Being treated like a kid
First Appearance - Deity #1
"If you ever try that again, I'm gonna kick your butt, you understand me?!"

          Purple has known Jaime almost all her life, and does her best to offer Jaime level-headed advice if she ever asks for it. Of the trio, she is the most reserved, and is annoyed when anyone takes her relative inexperience as naivete. She lives with Uncle Chang, close to Jaime's apartment.
          The recent events in Jaime's life have been a rollercoaster ride, but Purple has resigned herself to lending Jaime needed support as her friend... even if it means she has sprint halfway across Los Angeles while being chased by bloodthirsty killer-aliens. (That doesn't mean Jaime won't *hear* about it later, though).