A lifetime student of Shaolin fist kung fu and its ways, Tommy Lone is one of the three protectors that watch over the new deity, Jaime. Tommy's powerful mastery of Kung Fu and raw energy make him a formidable warrior. Though Shaolin his doctrine teaches calmness in the face of adversity, his impulsiveness and emotion drive him in battle.

Age: 20
Height: 6'
Likes: Practicing kung-fu, Shaolin proverbs, his hot pink blu-blocker sunglasses
Dislikes: The Ma'Shiva, inaction
First Appearance - Deity #1
"All Ma'Shiva look alike to me"


          Tommy's father before him was also trained in the use of the Shaolin Chu'an. When his father's was corrupted by the Soul Crusher, Tommy's grandfather, Master Chow Lone was forced to slay him, making Tommy an orphan at a very young age. Chow Lone then returned from the junction to earth in order to take care of Tommy. Tommy grew up in the Shaolin Monastery training under his grandfather.
          When the Ma'Shiva traveled to Los Angeles and were on the verge of finding and eliminating Jaime, Tommy and Chow Lone intervened, ending the skirmish. Tommy then became one of Jaime's protectors.
          In a battle with the Soul Crusher, Tommy learned of the fate that befell his father. Aided by Tommy's treacherous sister, the Soul Crusher was able to corrupt Tommy's soul, turning him into the Warlord. However, with Jaime's help Tommy was able to finally reject the influence of the Soul Crusher, destroying his sister in the process.
          Tommy's encounters with the Ma'Shiva and the death of his grandfather have helped him to understand why Chow Lone emphasized the importance of his training and discipline, making him a little wiser. He is helping Jaime learn to defend herself against her new enemies teaching her some kung-fu.