Ziggy is a friend of Jaime's since junior high, who has always had something of a crush on her. As of recent, he and Jaime started to date, which has added to the recent tumult of unfolding dramas in her life. Ziggy works as a waiter in Uncle Chin's Hyper Chinese Food Express, and spins at Beacon's club on the weekends.

Age: 16
Height: 5'11"
Likes:Jaime, mixing stoopid-fresh-tracks
Dislikes:Getting dissed by Jaime, Leo, wack beats
First Appearance - Deity #1
"Just sit back and chill, --you're in good hands, I promise"

          Even though he is one of Jaime's friends, Ziggy pops in and out of the story a lot. His real name is John Zigmato, Jr., and even though he does some seemingly stupid things at odd times, he is a pretty funny guy and means well.

          The relationship between Jaime and Ziggy has hit a few bumps along the way. Their first date was interrupted by Ma'Shiva trying to kill Jaime. Although Ziggy said he was ok with Jaime's new 'friends (Lucius, Tommy, and Diamond), he tried to make Jaime jealous by hanging out with some other girl. When that backfired, Ziggy punched out Jaime's ex boyfriend Leo's lights out when she did the same thing. For the moment, things between them are all up in the air, as Jaime's ex-bf has come back to live in LA.


  • Ziggy spilled hot soup over one of Uncle Chang's customers cuz he thought that the customer had called him an 'a-hole' when he was actually asking for an 'egg-roll'