The Li'vians

          The Li'vians are a peaceful people that had lived in a near-utopian civilization for thousands of years until a group of scientists learned about the existence of separate realities from theirs, and began to experiment with interdimensional technology. One of these experiments opened a gateway between the world of Li'via, and the world of the Ma'Shiva in another dimension. Ruled by the Dark Gods of their dimension, the Ma'Shiva soon invaded Li'via in order to add it to the many planets which they had ruthlessly conquered. This started an interdimensional war between the two planets.

The Rift Wave Event

          In an attempt to seal the dimensional fissure between the two worlds, the Li'vian scientists detonated a device called the Rift Wave. Instead of closing the gateway between Li'via and Ma'Shiva, the Rift Wave Device acted more like a dimensional bomb, and explosion refferred to as the Rift Wave Event. The effects Rift Wave Event were felt across many dimensions. It resulted in the creation of a myriad of new dimensions and transported countless beings from different planets and dimensions through the gateway to Li'via. It also threw the Li'vian and Ma'Shivan worlds together into an unstable region of time/space called the Junction.

Imperial Junction

          The Imperial Junction is a focal poin in the space/time continuum. People, cities and technology are transported to the Junction through randomly appearing dimensional storms. After the Rift Wave detonation, Ma'Shiva and Li'via were among the fragmented worlds that appeared in this single region. Among the areas under Ma'Shiva control are Berlin (circa 1944 A.D.), and the Doomed City. Li'vian controlled areas include the Shaolin Temple, The Towers of Mun'Sho Mon, Tombstone (Arizona), London (circa 1944 A.D.), and the Doomed City. Recently, Ma'Shiva forces invaded these Li'vian strongholds and stepped up their attacks against Queen Xandra's citadel. Only the Li'vian's transporter provies reliable transit between the Junction and countless realities.

The Ma'Shiva

          A race of ruthless conquerers led by the dark gods. After the birth of Oris Ogden, the other dark gods mated with the Shiva'tu creating these fearsome, highly aggressive warriors. The Ma'Shiva are powerful warriors and sorcerers determined to conquer the universe. Only Queen Xandra and the Red Flag troopers stand between them and Li'via.

Red Flag Troopers

          A legion of warriors plegdged to the proctection of Li'via from the Ma'Shiva. The Red Flag Troopers consists of creatures from over a hundred worlds who became trapped in the Junction during the Rift Wave event, or the various dimensional storms that often occur in the Junction. They number in the thousands with several divisions, including a squadron of World War II British flyers. They are led by Joe Tripoli, a Texas ranger from the 1800's.