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DeityII: Catseye #1
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DeityII: Catseye
  • Dusty McCoy and Ral Torpoth's clan of 1000 Masks are in a museum in Los Angeles tracking the Catseye and Tara Tun'Jurn. Tara is caught, and drops the Catseye. When the Catseye hits the ground, Tun'jurn the Wizard, Khan, Den'bali, and Shen, are freed from the Catseye and appear. They battle the clan of 1000 masks and free Tara. They take the Catseye, and ask Tara to help them find II.
  • Elsewhere in LA, Digby, Rita, and Peanut are sitting outsdide talking when II is washed out of a nearby runoff pipe. II is unconscious, and so they take her home to try to help her.
  • Dusty McCoy returns to Ral Torpoth and reports of Tara's escape with the Catseye's and her liberators. Ral sends her back out to find II, who can lead them to the Catseye.

DeityII: Catseye #3
  • Digby, Rita, and Peanut have taken II to McDonalds. Rita becomes upset when Digby focuses his attention on II instead of her. They decide to go to the mall.
  • Tun'jurn and his companions decide to find II, since someone could use her to track them and the Catseye down. Tun'jurn uses a spell to try to find her and finds out that Zevius, who was trapped in the Catseye with them, has escaped.
  • Dusty McCoy reports that they had not yet located II, because they were led astray by the presence of another Li'vian, Jaime, that triggered their scanners.
  • Zevius visits Ral Torpoth and threatens to destroy him if Ral does not help him locate the Catseye. Ral agrees.
  • Tun'jurn's party and Dusty's battalion both enclose on the mall in search of II. Dusty notices them and confronts them. The issue ends with her demanding that they hand over the Catseye.

DeityII: Catseye #4
  • Tun'jun's group and Tara battle Dusty McCoy and the clann of 1000 masks. Dusty calls the attack off after Tun'jurn uses telepathy to show her what will happen if Zevius get the Catseye. She then joins forces with Tun'jurn
  • Zevius and Ral Torpoth have flown to the mall. Zevius charges forward and attacks II. Tun'jurn arrives in time to save her. A battle ensues. Tun'jurn reunites II with the Catseye but is taken prisoner by Zevius, who also takes Ral's body. At the order of Tun'jurn, II lets the Catseye consume the three of them.
  • II teleports away, leaving Digby, Rita, and Peanut at the mall.