The Darkness and the Light | Deity II: Catseye | Deity: Revelations

Deity #1
  • Queen Xandra meets up with Commander Joe Tripoli and the Red Flag troopers. Lucius Ego, is with them. Lucius is freed, and sent with Diamond Diaz through a dimensional transit to Los Angeles to find and protect Jaime.
  • In Los Angeles, Purple Chang, Angel Love, and Jaime try to decide where to go to celebrate Jaime's birthday. Ziggy invites Jaime to a club where he is dee-jaying that night. The Ma'Shiva watch her.
  • Lucius and Diamond break through the portal to Earth. They follow the Ma'Shiva to Jaime. They reach the Ma'Shiva waiting for Jaime, and a confrontation ensues.
  • The issue ends at the New Shaolin monastery in Los Angeles, with Master Chow Lone telling his grandson, Tommy, that the time has come to act.

Deity #2
  • Ma'Shivan emperor Oris Ogden tells the High Council that Ma'Shiva sent to earth have located Jaime.
  • On earth, Purple and Jamie find Angel strung out on drugs in a bathroom stall, and they take her home. Jaime warns her later that their friendship will end if she gets messed up again.
  • Diamond and Lucius fight the Ma'Shiva. Diamond is saved by Tommy Lone, who has arrived with his grandfather, Chow Lone. The Ma'Shiva retreat, and Chow orders Tommy to follow Jaime. Lucius and Diamond go back to the Shaolin Temple with Chow.
  • The issue ends with the Ma'Shiva reporting their failure from Earth to Oris Ogden. Oris opens a portal and sends the Soul Crusher to earth.

Deity #3
  • Jaime and Purple are off to school. Tommy Lone watces from afar. Ziggy gets to class late and gets detention. Jaime tries to cheer him up, but he ignores her.
  • At the New Shaolin Monastery, Diamond's lost arm is replaced. Diamond points out that this is the second time she has had to replace her right arm, and recounts her history to Chow lone.
  • Next, the Ma'Shiva are joined by The Soul Reaver, whom just teleported to Earth. They attack the shaolin monastery.
  • Meanwhile, Tommy is still shadowing Jaime when he recieves a telepathic message from Chow telling him that the monastery is under attack,and ordering him to stay with Jaime.<

Deity #4
Issue Missing