Deity Original Series | The Darkness and the Light | Deity II: Catseye

Deity: Revelations #1
  • Jaime and Kosmic Kat battle train in VR with Tommy Lone. On her way to practice with Diamond, she runs into Leo, her old boyfriend. She finishes practice with Diamond, and is pushed off a building by Lucius, who was trying to teach her to fly.
  • Tommy, Lucius, and Diamond discuss the 'dark secret' hidden within Jaime's DNA. They agree that they will follow orders and destroy Jaime should the worst happen.
  • Oris Ogden is in his space-ship fleeing the Ma'Shivan conspirators trying to assasinate him. With nowhere left to turn, he declares a flag of truce and seeks refuge from Joe Tripoli and the Red Flag troopers.

Deity: Revelations #2
  • Joe Tripoli allows Oris Ogden to meet with him under truce to dicuss Jaime.
  • Jaime decides goes out with Leo to Beacon's club, where Ziggy DJ's. When they get there, Ziggy gets mad and punches Leo.
  • The leader behind the Ma'Shivan coup, Pyre, eliminates the high council with the help of Ogden's sister, Lady Ogden. Pyre kills Lady Ogden.

Deity: Revelations #3
  • Oris Ogden's forces have joined with the Red Flag troopers. They battle to retake the Li'vian citadel.
  • Jaime is called to the hospital to check on Angel, who has overdosed on drugs again.
  • The issue ends as Ogden, Soul crusher and Tripoli reach Pyre as he tries to use the dimensional transporter. They are all caught in the wake of the gateway and are teleported away.

Deity: Revelations #4
  • Oris, Tripoli and Soul Crusher arrive on earth. They decide to try to stop Pyre, who aims to destroy the Catseye and eliminate Jaime. They start to look for Jaime when they are ambushed by Lucius, Tommy, and Jaime. Ogden explains that his intentions have changed and they decide to work together.
  • The Catseye adventurers, Dusty, II, Tara, Den'bali and Khan are notice that more people have teleported to earth from the junction. II realized that a battle on a planet outside the junction was prophesied by Queen Xandra and decides that the time has come to contact the new deity, Jaime.
  • Jaime and her friends are attacked by Ma'Shiva led by Pyre. Jaime goes on the offensive, destroying many of the Ma'Shiva with her powers, but slows down when she feels something inside her start to happen...
  • The issue ends as the Catseye adventurers meet up with Ogden, Tripoli, and Jaime's protectors.