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The Darkness
and the Light #1

  • Jaime, Purple and Angel are trading stories about Jaime's new protectors. Jaime complains about being intercepted by Lucius while trying to skip training. Purple tells about her run in with Tommy, and his saying that Purple was cute. Angel tells about taking Lucius out to a club and his brief conflict with spider.
  • Tommy and Diamond talk about Jaime, when Tommy tells her that his scanner has detected a dimensional transport to earth. They decide to find these newcomers and attack them if they are hostile.
  • Two sorcerors, Darkness and Light, teleport to the wreckage of the Shaolin monastery. It is revealed that Darkness and Light are also the grandchildren of Chow Lone, Tommy's siblings. Light uses her magic to resurrect the Soul Crusher to help them find and eliminate Jaime.
  • Oris Ogden finds himself at the wrong end of a coup d'etat, as two Ma'Shiva try to assasinate him. The assassins fail and are defeated.

The Darkness
and the Light #2

  • Joe Tripoli eliminates an attacking group of Ma'Shiva. He is called back to the citadel to check on Queen Xandra. Queen Xandra tells him that he is Jaime's father. She asks him to take care of her, and then passes on.
  • Jaime arrives home and is surprised to find that Diamond, Tommy, and Lucius are missing. She goes to sleep for the night. Xandra comes to her in her dream and starts to explain the history of Li'via, and how they came to encounter their aggressors from another dimension to her.
  • Diamond and Tommy, leave Lucius standing guard and try to sneak up on Darkness and Light. However, they themselves are ambushed. The issue ends with diamond facing Light, and Tommy facing off against the Soul Crusher.

The Darkness
and the Light #3

  • Still asleep, Jaime travels through her dreams with Xandra as Xandra teaches Jaime who she really is. She tells Jaime that she is her mother, and explains why Jaime was sent away to live on earth.
  • Tommy fights with the Soul Crusher, but is seemingly outmatched. Diamond also seems to be in over her head, fighting the Light, and her conjured apparitions. The issue ends as Darkness approaches Lucius to attack from behind.

The Darkness
and the Light #4

  • Lucius is surprised by an attack from behind by Darkness. In his hesitation, Lucius is struck and poisoned. He tries to transform into a dragon, but the Darkness's venom mutates his tranformation, leaving him half transformed. Darkness strikes him down from his perch and he falls unconcscious into the alleyways down below.
  • Jaime wakes up abrubtly, sensing that Tommy, Lucius, and Diamond are in trouble. She rounds up Purple, Angel, and Ziggy and decides to try to find them and help them.
  • Tommy gets captured by the Soul Crusher, leaving Diamond at the mercy of the Soul Crusher, and the Darkness and the Light. The Soul Crusher uses his powers to take control of Tommy, turning him into a darker version of himself called Warlord.
  • Jaime and her friends reach Lucius in the alleyway that he fell into. Jaime concentrates and uses her powers to heal him. He tells Jaime to go home, but Jaime inists on helping to rescue Diamond and Tommy.
  • The issue ends with the Soul Crusher, darkness, light and warlord awaiting Jaime's arrival.

The Darkness
and the Light #5

  • Warlord, Light, Darkness, and Soul crusher are attacked by Lucius, Purple, Angel, and Ziggy. Jaime uses the distraction to free Diamond. Diamond knocks out Light and goes to help Lucius.
  • Soul crusher and Warlord have their hands full fighting Lucius. Soul crusher is slammed by Lucius and knocked far away from the battle. Warlord uses magic which transforms Lucius from a dragon back into his human form. He is saved when Diamond jumps in out of nowhere and punches Warlord in the face. She is also incapacitated by Warlord, who also grabs Jaime.
  • Jaime uses her powers to help break the Soul crusher's influence. Warlord destroys Light, and becomes Tommy Lone once more. Darkness is ripped to shreds by a very angry Lucius.
  • The issue ends with Jaime hitting Beacon's club with Purple and Angel.